Biographical Notes on Symposium Speakers

Paul S. Maxim

Paul Maxim is Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Western Ontario. A demographer by training, his primary research interests concern issues in population economics. His current focus is on problems relating to community development, inequality and human capital among Canada’s First Nations peoples.

Jeffrey S. Racine

Jeffrey Racine is a Professor in the Department of Economics at McMaster University and holds the Senator William McMaster Chair in Econometrics. His research interests include nonparametric estimation and inference, resampling methods, cross-validatory model selection, and entropy-based measures of dependence and their statistical underpinnings. He is also interested in parallel distributed computing paradigms and their application to computationally intensive nonparametric estimators.

Georgia Roberts

Georgia Roberts is Chief of the Data Analysis Resource Centre at Statistics Canada. In this capacity, she consults with people both inside and outside Statistics Canada on methods for analyzing the various types of data produced by the agency, with a focus on methods appropriate for the analysis of complex survey data. Her recent research has included problems related to applying bootstrapping techniques to survey data. Georgia received her PhD in Mathematics and Statistics from Carleton University.

Robert A. Stine

Bob Stine is Professor of Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. His current research focuses on methods for building predictive models in applications characterized by large databases. A key component of this work includes strategies for selecting variables to use as predictors in regression models. Bootstrap resampling offers a method for assessing the resulting models.

Adonis Yatchew

Adonis Yatchew is Professor of Economics at the University of Toronto. He has published extensively on econometrics and energy topics, and he is currently a joint editor of The Energy Journal. His book entitled Semiparametric Regression for the Applied Econometrician was published by Cambridge University Press in 2003. For additional information see

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