Program Information

Intended Participants

SPIDA is intended primarily for faculty, researchers and graduate and undergraduate students at Canadian universities, researchers and policy analysts in both public and not-for-profit organizations, and data librarians. For the 2012 Program, applications are open to non-Canadians. To benefit from the Program, applicants must have a working knowledge of statistics, at least to the level of multiple regression.

Fees and Bursaries

The fee (including 13% HST) for attending the Program is $565.00 for full-time undergraduate or graduate students and $1,230.00 for all other applicants, payable in advance, by March 2, 2011. Partial fee bursaries are available to a selected number of full-time students. Further information is available on the application form.

Application Procedure and Deadline   UPDATED

To apply to SPIDA, please fill out the on-line application form.

The deadline for applications is Monday, February 13, 2012, and applicants will be notified of acceptances by
February 27, 2012.

Space in SPIDA is limited and it will be necessary to select among applicants: selection will be based on applicants' statements of interest, but an effort will be made to represent all geographic regions and social science research sectors.

For further information contact:

Bryn Greer-Wootten
Institute for Social Research
York University
Tel: 416-736-2100 Ext.20306
Fax: 416-736-5749

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